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Allowing Abraham Brokers Ltd to review your Business and Personal Insurance Portfolio is a wise decision. We will ensure you receive Added Value Risk Management Services and linkage to other products and services. We quote your risk to the market saving you time and money by working on your behalf.

5 Reasons To Obtain Insurance Quotes

Research shows that up to 80% of businesses have at least one area of uninsured liability.  You can allay any doubts or fear about potential risks by allowing Abraham & Associates Ltd to evaluate your business insurance schedule.

Further research shows that there are currently at least 79 Acts of Parliament with the potential for government officers to prosecute you or your company with Fines and Penalties of at least $10,000 each.  We can provide an insurance quote that can cover Statutory Liabilities.

We see claims as being of paramount importance and the window of our industry. Our claims personnel specialise in servicing and monitoring your claims on a weekly basis to ensure minimum delays occur. It is important to use professionals with experience.

Post Claims Surveys are used to be sure that our clients whether large or small, are satisfied with our services and settlement process.

We recognise that businesses need reliable service providers to ensure that opportunities are maximised and correct decisions are made. For this reason we offer you our strong links to other professional services and products.

Some such services are: Mortgage Broking, Debt Restructuring, Will Making, Trust Formation, Fully Qualified Financial Planning and other professionals referrals, i.e. Accountants and Solicitors.

All other forms of insurance and investments are also available from our office, including Medical Insurance and Travel Insurance. You don't need to trip around town when we can facilitate other business services for you.

Business is about ADDING VALUE to you and your operation and that is our goal.  We want to be seen by our clients as a service provider whose independence works to your advantage.


We realise that you need up-to-date specialised information to maintain a competitive edge in an ever-changing business environment.  That is why we provide relevant seminars for our clients on industry and business changes and other significant opportunities.

We provide seminars and updated information on:

  • Employment Liability – One of New Zealand’s fastest growing area of business liability
  • Employment Dispute Insurance
  • Statutory Liability – A hidden area of liability that can impact on your business
  • Business and Family Trusts, and other topics

Through our day to day business contacts we can obtain quotes for all your insurance and financial needs from a multitude of top quartile insurers and fund managers.

We also have access to investment and insurance markets off-shore.



The following 5 brief points are a pledge of our service that we believe sets us apart from other Insurance Brokers in the New Zealand Market.

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